Episode 49 - From Real to Ai & back - Ai creation & Neural Colors

 The Algorithms will love you (and help us too)

SBweekly.tv Episode 49
From Real to Ai & back - Ai creation & Neural Colors
Host: Stephan Bollinger

A personal project to see the state of Ai image creation. While Ai in 2024 can produce the most the most incredible images already, I was wondering in how far it can analyse real images and then reproduce these. As a result, we loaded over 200 black & white portrait images into the network, to learn lighting patterns, angles and retouching levels, and then asked the engine to produce new images based on the analysis, with different ethnic backgrounds.

These generated black& white portraits where then retouched (humanised, as we’d call it), and pushed through the Adobe Photoshop Neural filters, so see how realistic the final images turn out, being Ai created and automatically coloured through artificial intelligent and machine learning algorithms.


00:00 - WELCOME
02:03 - The Ai input
03:28 - The Ai generated images
04:39 - Automatic colorising images - Photoshop Neural Filter
05:52 - Conclusion

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 The Algorithms will love you (and help us too)


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