Episode 17 - Audio Basics for Film & Video

SBweekly.tv Episode 17
Audio Basics for Film & Video (Levels, Compressor, EQ, LUFS Standards)

In this episode, we talk about basics of audio for video productions, from recording microphones to recording settings, compressors, EQs, sound levels, True Peak, RMS, LUFS and broadcast loudness norms. We finish with a real-life video example, enhancing a professional voice over recording, balance it with music and maximize it to YouTube LUFS loudness standards.

Note: This is an introduction to audio processing and therefore not an episode for seasoned audio professionals. If you know your way around compressors and EQs, please feel free to jump ahead, the timecodes are:

00:00 - Intro
02:45 - Lapel Microphone
03:13 - Fieldrecorder Microphone
03:46 - Shotgun Microphone
04:08 - Camera internal Microphone
05:52 - Microphone Comparisons
07:01 - Audio Recording Levels
08:51 - Audio Frequencies in the real world
09:19 - Why Audio Compression
10:11 - How a Compressor works
12:59 - Get some good headphones
13:02 - Frequencies of Voice and Instruments
14:53 - DAW - Instrument Frequencies example
15:37 - DAW - Compression example
16:21 - Intermezzo
16:49 - DAW - Equalizing / EQ
17:48 - DAW - Corrective EQ
19:03 - Introduction to LUFS Standards
21:10 - Final Cut Pro - Real World Example
22:01 - Video Project - Voice Over Compression
23:53 - Video Project - Voice Over EQ
24:58 - Video Project - Matching Voice Over and Music 
27:36 - Video Project - Mix Example 2

28:22 - Video Project - Mix Example 3
28:55 - Video Project - LUFS Standard
30:51 - Video Project - Maximising Audio Levels
32:31 - Video Project - Final Result
33:03 - Outro and Thank You

Recommended settings for recording:
24 bit, 48k, at -12 to -6db

Mentioned (free) Youlean Loudness meter

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