Episode 1 - New York City

SBweekly.tv Episode 1
Travel to New York City

Right now, with travel at a stand-still, it is more important than ever to dream (and maybe even find out where our next big trips could lead us in the future). In this episode, I share impressions from my last visit to the Big Apple, New York City, where I photographed models in Soho, dancers at the Grand Central Terminal, and roaming around the city to find interesting spots and stories.

Hello my friends, welcome to episode number one!

As I mentioned in my introduction video last week (if you haven't seen it, you'll find a link in the description below) today is about my last visit to New York.

Now with the craziness going on right now, the Coronavirus taking hold and so many places being in lockdown. Well, the streets of New York will look very different than what you see in this video. So spare yourself to comment on social distancing as important as it is right now, let's just hope that sooner rather than later, we can go and visit those amazing places again.

Until then it's important to look forward to it and to be happy. So here are some impressions from my last visit to the Big Apple.

Welcome to New York, we just arrived last night from Brisbane. It was nice and warm when we left and "brr", it is freezing here, but New York is such a cool place so who really cares.

So what's going on over the next couple of days? Well, I have the privilege to shoot with some beautiful models. Later on, in the week we'll be at Grand Central Station where I take some pictures of young amazing dancers. And, you know, in between just roaming the streets and having a great time. So let's jump in, let's explore the city and let's have some fun.

Where to start? When you arrive in the Big Apple for the first time, of course, you can't wait to visit those most iconic sites. I'm talking about the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty. But, for me, as a gear junkie, it usually starts with B&H Photo, or as I call it, a photographer's wet dream ;)

I've been to New York the first time in 1985, I think. So that would be 35 years ago. Back then, the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center were still standing. So, visiting this time, of course, I felt like I had to pay my respects to the 9/11 victims and visiting the memorial site.

What else to do? As a photographer, having Alicia Keys blaring in my headphones, I do feel like I want to take a photo of the Empire State Building. Problem is, that thing has been photographed a gazillion times already by the world over. So, sure, I do it anyway. But the trick is to find out beforehand from where. Now I would recommend Googling "best photo spots" for any city you visit. You'll find a ton of awesome secret spots. I took this one, with a cocktail in my hands, from the rooftop bar, 230 Fifth.

So we're in the Grand Central Station, I've been looking forward to this. Finally, we come to our dance shoot. So let's set up and then we see how we go. So what do we have in this bag of goodies? Light meter. I'm using the Godox AD360. It really packs a punch. And, that's what we need in here. All right, I guess that's enough show and tell here, otherwise, it's getting really really boring. So, from now on, I'll be quiet and we just shoot.

Another approach, for me, as a movie buff, I made a list of places to visit this time which I know from the cinemas. One of them is the opening scene from "Ghostbusters", which was filmed in the Public Library. By the way, there's this amazing ceiling painting in one of the main halls. But, surprisingly, not too many people looked up while we were there. So I just had to get a decent shot and find the perfect spot. And my friend, Sas, was nice enough to take this snap of me. Funny thing is, when we left everyone was looking up.

Another amazing day here in New York City. I'm currently at the United Nations Headquarters which is right there behind me. And just coming here for myself to have a look around. But now we're off to Soho. I have a beauty/fashion shoot set up. New York is not all about steel and glass and concrete. Some beautiful buildings found, especially Greenwich Village and Soho. I'll try to capture that at least a little bit, to get that feeling into those shots. So let's have a look how we go there.

And then, of course, we can't forget the nightlife. The non-stop advertising light shows at Times Square is, of course, something you have to see. But as a people photographer, I enjoy taking photo's of humans far more. Now I understand, for some, it might be intimidating to talk to strangers on the streets, but trust me, if you approach them with a smile and have a chat, generally, they're quite open and nice. Make them a compliment, I don't know, tell them how cool their shoes are or something. We all love a high five. I simply talk to everyone. From the doorman to the midnight dancers. And if you want to take photo's of people on the streets, don't be a sniper, be nice, talk to people and join the party!

The best advice to any traveller I can give is to, first, sit down and slow down. You know, you have to feel it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our little trip to New York. Especially now, I think it's fitting because New York is one of the most hit places on this planet. Well, I wish everyone around the globe all the very best. Stay healthy. And, you know, do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

This week was a little bit of an excursion into the past. Next week, I'll show you what to do and how to kill your time when you're working from home. You "should" be working! But if you have time at home - I'll show you the things that I do and watch while in isolation.

I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again next week.

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