Episode 40 - World Tour - Part 1 - San Francisco to Miami

SBweekly.tv Episode 40
World Tour - Part 2 - New York USA, Luzern/Zurich Switzerland

Personal challenge: Shoot everything on an iPhone 12!

This is the second part of my short video journal from my 2023 world tour, travelling around the world, from Brisbane, Australia, to the USA, then Europe, and back home via Asia. After an amazing time in San Francisco and Miami, it's time to fly north to the Big Apple, New York. After a few days of work and also being a tourist, the journey continues to Switzerland, and eventually with several flights home to Australia via Singapore.

As a professional photographer, I obviously travel with a lot of camera gear and love the look I can create with the various tools at my disposal. Different cameras, different lenses, tripods, gimbals, "just" the right tool for the job. This all comes with a drawback: Flexibility, heavy lifting and frequent back pain. But leaving all the "special sauce" behind? Well, I challenged myself ONLY to use my phone during my entire trip, handheld, and still create beautiful "cinematic" images.

Of course, the mentioned back pain couldn't be completely avoided. For my jobs, I still carry all the equipment. For everything else (and every clip in this first video), however, I exclusively used my old but trusty iPhone 12 Pro.

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