Episode 32 - Pricing your Photography / Portraits & Headshots

SBweekly.tv Episode 32
Business of Photography - Part 1 - Portraits & Headshots - Pricing photography for Portraits & Headshots - with Special Guest Peter Hurley

Stephan Bollinger and Peter Hurley discuss photography services, pricing, ideas and strategies.

Peter Hurley
After being a member of the 2000 United States Sailing Team, training for the Sydney Olympic Games, Peter Hurley bought his first professional camera and fired up a headshot photography business in New York City. His goal at that time was to be the best headshot photographer in New York. Over the years he won Backstage Magazine's best headshot photographer in New York numerous times and has been called "The Headshot King" by Popular Photography Magazine. Like the saying goes, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" and Peter is now considered the leader in this field. His book "The Headshot" has become the definitive guide on Headshot Photography. His work has taken him all over the planet and he spoke for Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, GoDaddy and TEDx. The “Headshot Crew” community is a logical extension of his business, to educate and guide new talent, and bolster the craft of headshot photography worldwide. SHABANG!


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