Welcome to SBweekly.tv!

Every week, I'll launch a new episode, all about creativity, photography, music and video production. The aim is to inspire, to share stories, both coming from successful endeavours as well as painful mistakes. I'll mix in lessons learned, tips and tricks, and a never-ending positive attitude.

Most every trick has been shared before and is waiting somewhere in the deep dark archives of the interwebs. Such tutorials are technically detailed, long and often hard to find, unless you know exactly what you are looking for. In SBweekly I'll address one subject every week, in a short and digestible 8-12 minutes, giving you enough information to "do it", but also the hints what to search for, should you like to dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

I hope you enjoy!

Stephan Bollinger

Finally, my first "official" episode is online. In these times we need to think ahead and look forward to the time when we can travel again (and hug our neighbours without fear). What better place to start with than New York, which is hit with the current virus outbreak in such a brutal way.

Let's stay home, let's keep our distance, but let's never stop dreaming! Eventually, we'll get there. With a beer in our hands (or a good glass of red, whatever you prefer).

Do we need another show (or old man) talking about tech, photography, video and sound production? In this short intro video, I'll explain what to expect in my new show. If you like it, subscribe & share the good news all over the interwebs. Most importantly, especially in these difficult times: Stay positive and look after yourself and your loved ones!


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